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Designing a database schema for an online merchandise store involves identifying the entities (objects) and their relationships. Here's a basic schema for such a store:

1. Users Table: 

   - UserID (Primary Key)

   - Username

   - Password

   - Email

   - Address

   - Phone Number

2. Products Table: 

   - ProductID (Primary Key)

   - Name

   - Description

   - Price

   - StockQuantity

3. Categories Table: 

   - CategoryID (Primary Key)

   - Name

4. ProductCategories Table (Many-to-Many Relationship between Products and Categories):

   - ProductID (Foreign Key)

   - CategoryID (Foreign Key)

5. Orders Table: 

   - OrderID (Primary Key)

   - UserID (Foreign Key)

   - OrderDate

   - TotalAmount

6. OrderDetails Table (Many-to-One Relationship with Orders):

   - OrderDetailID (Primary Key)

   - OrderID (Foreign Key)

   - ProductID (Foreign Key)

   - Quantity

   - Price

7. Reviews Table: 

   - ReviewID (Primary Key)

   - UserID (Foreign Key)

   - ProductID (Foreign Key)

   - Rating

   - Comment

   - Timestamp

This schema covers the basic functionality of an online merchandise store. Here's a brief explanation of each table:

- Users Table: Stores information about registered users including their personal details.

- Products Table: Contains information about the products available for sale.

- Categories Table: Stores different categories under which products are classified.

- ProductCategories Table: Maps products to their corresponding categories. Since a product can belong to multiple categories and a category can have multiple products, it's a many-to-many relationship.

- Orders Table: Keeps track of orders placed by users.

- OrderDetails Table: Stores details of each product within an order. Each order can have multiple products, hence the one-to-many relationship.

- Reviews Table: Stores reviews/ratings provided by users for products. Each product can have multiple reviews.

This schema can be expanded upon depending on additional functionalities required, such as handling discounts, promotions, shipping information, etc.

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